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Talent Accounting Services of WI offers Financial Accounting Services that will save your company time and money.

Seeking a Wisconsin certified public accountant to assist your organization with financial accounting services?  Talent Accounting Services of WI offers Financial Accounting Services and process improvement skills that will save your company time and money.  Talent Accounting Services understands bookkeeping for small businesses can be time consuming.  Your business processes will be analyzed to discover areas where your organization can be more efficient, seeking opportunities to automate processes, saving both time and money.

Wisconsin Payroll Services.  Congratulations!  Your small business or organization is growing!  When hiring new employees, please note there are several requirements in order to hire and place an employee onto your payroll.  Before hiring an employee, contact Talent Accounting Services to complete the necessary paperwork in the state of Wisconsin.  Services provided include documentation, filing quarterly and annual paperwork with the governing bodies and making payments as required.  There are several payroll services that can do this for your organization but with a very high price tag.  Talent Accounting Services is your affordable payroll solution, contact us today.

Accounts Payable.  Are you running behind?  The mail is piling up and there is not enough time to pay the bills?  Contact Talent Accounting Services.  We will set up each vendor in your accounting system and  get your bills paid on time.

Accounts Receivable.  Invoicing clients can be time consuming.  We will set up each customer into the accounting system and keep a log of your time and product sold.  Invoices will be issued to clients either via email or mail on a timely basis and logged accurately.  Talent Accounting Services will also handle your overdue invoices and contact your customers for payment.  We are available to assist with taking legal action when needed.  Periodic accounts receivable reports will be provided to you as a small business customer.

Reconciliation.  Call Talent Accounting Services to ensure that all information found on your monthly bank statement is correct and entered into the accounting system properly.  We will ensure your cash balance reconciles with what your bank is reporting.  We can teach you how to do this simple process yourself.

Budgeting.  Creating a budget is a necessity for any organization to succeed.  Most financial accounting firms will ask you to provide financial statements for the past 2-3 years and create a budget based on past information.  Talent Accounting Services takes a different approach to budgeting.  We analyze your past financial statements, seeking patterns in revenues and expenses.  We review the findings and discuss your goals for the next business year, two years and five years.  A budget is then created that reflects the patterns of income and expenses with your goals in mind.  Data is analyzed on a regular basis and compared to the budget.  Recommendations are made to assist your organization in reaching your financial and small business goals.

Tax Preparation.  Tax season is a time of year that Talent Accounting Services really looks forward to.  There is nothing better than crunching numbers as the snow falls here in Wisconsin.  Tax preparation is just part of the process, we also provide a personal touch.  In December, we can provide you with an estimate of what you will owe or receive back on your taxes and assist in saving you tax dollars.  We will organize your pile of receipts and create a concise report to file your  taxes.  During the tax preparation season, we will seek all deductions available to you and provide suggestions to you for tax savings in the following year.  Our personal touch:  we will review your return with you before filing to determine that all data is accurately reported.  [LEARN MORE OR REQUEST SERVICES]

Audit and Attestation Services.  You currently trust your bookkeeper but want an independent eye to look things over to make sure everything is complete and accurate.  Your church requires a Certified Public Accountant to assist with the audit of your books.  Talent Accounting Services of WI will provide these services to you at an affordable price point.

Research.  Every business has unanswered questions regarding tax filing, accounting processes and financial statements.  Is your product or service taxable?  What documentation is required?  How often is it required?  Contact Talent Accounting Services LLC to complete the research and find your small business answers.

Teaching Personal Financial Responsibility.  Talent Accounting Services of Wisconsin has a passion for assisting individuals in achieving financial freedom.  Emily has her eyes set on gaining financial freedom herself, and wants to inspire others in achieving their financial goals.  Emily has developed a love for and can teach Dave Ramsey’s program entitled “Financial Peace University” or she can sit down with you on a regular basis to set a plan for gaining financial independence and hold you accountable for following that plan.