New Employee Forms

Paperwork and Forms for New Employees

Employee Forms – A Quick Guide from Talent Accounting Services

I’m a new employee, what do you need from me so I can get paid?

Linked below are the required documents, and instructions on what to submit:

1.) I-9 (Download Here)

  • Only submit to the accountant page 1 of this document.
  • Include either a copy of one document from list A, or a copy of a document from List B and a copy of a document from List C on Page 9.

2.) W-4 (Download Here)

  • Only submit page 1 to the accountant

3.) Direct Deposit information, including whether it will be deposited into a savings or checking, the routing number and account number.  A voided copy of your check may be submitted to suffice this requirement.

How do I submit these documents?


Email is not a secure method of submission.  Please either fax these documents to your accountant or request access to a secure portal. If you are working with Talent Accounting Services, LLC, contact information can be found on our contact page.

When do I need to submit these documents?

In order for you to be paid promptly, these documents should be received your first day of employment. In order to be paid by the first pay date, all required documents must be received no later than 4 business days prior to the pay date.