The Deer Hunter’s Guide to Opening a Business

The Deer Hunter’s Guide to Opening a Business

Anybody who knows me well, knows this time of year I spend most of my weekends enjoying quiet time in a tree stand, waiting for that perfect deer to walk within range.  Yesterday, as I spent time preparing for my time in a tree (yeah, I’m a few weeks late, but better late than never, right?), I came to a realization:  Hunting sure is a lot like opening a business. read more…

SEP IRA vs SIMPLE IRA: Which Is Right for Small Businesses?

SEP IRA vs SIMPLE IRAThe choice of retirement plan is vast and varied for small business owners and sole proprietors. From contribution limits to tax advantages and age requirements, determining which plan is right for you and your employees can be difficult.

In this article, I cover some of the advantages and disadvantages of two of the more popular options: a SEP IRA and a SIMPLE IRA. Other similar accounts not discussed here include: Solo 401(k) plans and SIMPLE 401(k) plans, among others. read more…

Waunakee CPA helps the Waunakee Band while serving on the board.

I knew that I loved numbers, the feel of community involvement and that I valued integrity and customer service.  I took those values to Viterbo University where I received a Bachelor of Business Administration with an Accounting emphasis.  This prepared me to pass the Certified Public Accountant examination in March of 2005. read more…

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