About Emily Olson and Talent Insurance & Financial Solutions

Emily Olson, Wisconsin CPA and Co-Owner of Talent Insurance & Financial Solutions

Emily Olson, Owner / CPA WisconsinTalent Insurance & Financial Solutions is co-owned and operated by Emily Olson, WI Certified Public Accountant.  From early on, the desire to operate her own business has been a part of Emily’s plan.  She grew up on a dairy farm in the Driftless Region of southwest Wisconsin, in the small communities of Soldiers Grove, WI and Gays Mills, WI, located in Crawford County, Wisconsin.

As a child, Emily learned the principles of accounting for small businesses, bookkeeping skills, non profit accounting and the importance of community involvement.  Her family drilled into her respect, integrity, the value of hard work and dedication.  Her parents farmed and worked as business accountants.  They taught her the importance of getting involved by serving some of their local rural not for profit organizations and small businesses.  Her parents served their rural Soldiers Grove, WI township, the local cheese factory, and their church, among many other organizations.  As a young girl, Emily was fascinated with her father as he used the calculator late into the night to get the tax statements out to the township members.  Her mother allowed her to help with various bookkeeping tasks which were her first encounters with accounting and small business administration.

Today, Emily Olson, Wisconsin CPA and Co-Owner of Talent Insurance & Financial Solutions, provides customers with accurate, reliable and affordable accounting services to several small business owners and non profit organizations in the state of WI.