The Financial Times - April 2017

Here at Talent Insurance & Financial Solutions, we get insights and inspirations from a number of sources, and we want to share those with you. Here are a few of our favorite April 2017 articles.

Here’s why that big tax refund isn’t great news for you
A large tax refund may feel like free money, but it isn’t. If the IRS sends you a huge check this spring, it means you’ve likely overpaid on taxes throughout the year.

Long Term Investment Account Truths: Key Lessons for Retirement Savers
You learn lessons as you invest in pursuit of long-run goals. Some of these lessons are conveyed and reinforced when you begin saving for retirement, and others you glean along the way.

The Psychology of Saving: How many Households have the Right Outlook to Build Wealth?
Why do some households save more than others? Building household savings may depend not only on cash flow, but also on psychology. With the right outlook, saving becomes a commitment.

Characteristics of the Millionaire Next Door: 
The Values and Habits of Wealthy Americans
Just how many millionaires does America have? By the latest estimation of Spectrem Group, a research firm studying affluent and high net worth investors, it has more than ever before.


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