The Financial Times - February 2017

Here at Talent Insurance & Financial Solutions, we get insights and inspirations from a number of sources, and we want to share those with you. Here are a few of our favorite February 2017 articles.

9 Financial Advisors Share What Happens When You Don’t Save For Retirement
The consequences of not saving enough for retirement can play out in numerous, yet subtle, ways. The results aren’t always disastrous, but they’re almost always sad.

The 3 Biggest Tax Mistakes Retirees Make
It’s not unusual for seniors to find themselves cash-strapped in retirement. Once you stop working and move over to a fixed income, you’ll probably have less financial flexibility than you did during your working years.

QuickBooks Online Payroll Setup: An Easy Guide to Get You Started
If you’re new to QuickBooks Online, it can be a bit overwhelming to get everything setup the way you want and need it to be. Our quick guide here will help you with your initial QuickBooks Online payroll setup.

QuickBooks Online Help: How To Record a Draw
Need assistance with how to record a draw you take from your company? Our QuickBooks Online help article here will show you how to do it.


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