The Financial Times - January 2017

Here at Talent Insurance & Financial Solutions, we get insights and inspirations from a number of sources, and we want to share those with you. Here are a few of our favorite January 2017 articles.

5 Retirement Planning Tips for Small Business Owners
For small-business owners, it’s not that they don’t want to save for retirement outside of their businesses. Their priority is to plow earnings back into the business to keep it growing, so they rarely pay themselves a big salary.

Bigger tax breaks, new health care options for business owners on tap for 2017
Each year, business owners can count on changes in tax law and other rules. For 2017, small businesses are getting a bigger deduction for equipment purchases, and those that aren’t required to provide health insurance will have an option to help staffers pay for coverage.

Easy New Year’s Money Resolutions That You Won’t Break
Now’s the time of year when people will start plotting their resolutions for 2017 — even though many know in the back of their mind’s that they will be discarded in a month or so. But there are a bunch of easy resolutions that can improve your financial situation.

12 Expert Financial Planning Tips For 2017
As 2016 winds down, the holiday season approaches and a new government administration gears up to take office, many Americans are struggling to figure out their goals and finances for next year. Unfortunately, many people will not achieve their financial goals next year or even get started, leaving their future financial security up in the air.


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