How to Setup a New Customer in QuickBooks
How do I setup a new customer in QuickBooks? I get this question quite often! It’s not a difficult process, but it can involve several steps to ensure you have all the customer information entered.


STEP 1: New Customer

First, get logged into your QuickBooks. Then, click on Customers and go to New Customer. If you have a list of clients from a previous program, you could import them by clicking the drop down sign next to New Customer and selecting Import.

Setup a New Customer in QuickBooks: Click Customers, and then New Customer


STEP 2: Customer Information

Now, start inputting the customer’s information. If you plan on printing checks from QuickBooks, pay special attention to where it says “Print on check as”. This is what will display on the QuickBooks-generated checks. Another thing to be certain to input correctly is the email address. This email is where any invoices for this client will end up being sent.

Setup a New Customer in QuickBooks: Enter Customer Information


STEP 3: Tax Information Tab

Now, click into the Tax Info tab. If your client is not the end user of your product (i.e. they sell it to someone else or use it to make another product), or they are a wholesaler, make sure to put their Tax Resale #, or Tax Exempt Number in the appropriate box. Also, uncheck the taxable customer box if the above conditions were met. Here you should also set the default tax code for this client.

Setup a New Customer in QuickBooks: Fill out the Tax Info tab


STEP 4: Payment and Billing Tab

Next, click on the Payment and Billing tab. Here you will set the defaults for your new customer. Select their normal method of payment. For delivery method, choose if you will usually be printing later, saving later, or neither. Finally, set the terms of the invoices that you will send them. On receipt means that you want the invoice paid as soon as possible. Net XX means that you want the invoice paid within XX days. Finally, you could also see something like 1% 10 Net 30. This would mean that if the customer pays the invoice within 10 days, they get a 1% discount. They can also pay within 30 day, paying all 100%, and still be on-time.

Setup a New Customer in QuickBooks: Fill out the Payment and Billing tab


STEP 5: Save

Finally, just click save and you are done. Congratulations! You have now setup a new customer in QuickBooks.


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